Monday, May 14, 2012

Kwaai spiritualiteit

Richard Rohr is welbekend in Suid-Afrika. Hy is ook een van die bekende spiritualiteitskrywers van ons tyd.

Daarom is ek meer as normaalweg geĆÆnteresseerd in sy kwaai artikel oor die Rooms-Katolieke optrede teen Noord-Amerikaanse nonne met hul onlangse verslag (sien 'n blog van my verlede week hieroor).

Die verontwaardiging oor die verslag en optrede van die Vatikaan loop wyd en diep in Noord-Amerika. Die formulering, hoofletters en harde taal van Rohr se artikel weerspieĆ«l hierdie verontwaardiging. Rohr ontbloot ook die donker kante van hierdie optrede deur uit te wys hoedat die gees van die belangrike tweede Vatikaanse concilie afgebreek word sonder dat dit amptelik bevraagteken word.

Wat dit soveel interessanter en belangriker maak, is dat Rohr iemand is wat spiritualiteit van die binnekant uit ken.

Dit wys vir 'n mens die profetiese karakter van spiritualiteit.

Ons is nooit vry as iemand in die liggaam van Christus onvry is nie. Dit is des te meer rede om mense soos Rohr en Sandra Schneiders in ons gebede to onthou. Hulle is dapper, want die maghebbers is sterk, en - listig.

Hier is sy artikel:

Vatican Versus American Nuns

by Richard Rohr

We must be honest and admit that there are only two remaining large systems in the world that are totally patriarchal in their style and in their leadership: Communist states and the Roman Catholic Church. Ours never looked quite as bad since we at least used the language of Jesus, the symbols of communion, humility, and service, and we men even dress in rather feminine robes. The Communist states make no display of humility themselves or respect for the feminine side of anything. But the real bottom lines in the Roman Church are becoming more and more apparent to thinking and spiritual people in the last decade or so. Despite the very clear reforms of the II Vatican Council in the 1960′s, the Roman patriarchy, a closed system that allows no prophetic critique, and their branch appointed officers (bishops), are step by step rolling back both the spirit and the letter of the Vatican II reforms–while pretending and saying they are not. (Remember, if you can reject this Council, then you have the basis for rejecting the other 20 Councils of the Church too! The Pope and bishops had better be very careful!)

Deceit and supposed magnanimity are at the heart of all patriarchies, or otherwise their subjects would see what they are actually doing. North Koreans also believe their “Great Father” is protecting them, as did many Filipinos under Marcos, and Russians under their Czars and Czarinas.

No group accepted the reforms and tried to renew itself following the Council like the American Sisters. Yes, they made their mistakes, and also enjoyed certain matriarchal benefits over the laity. Nevertheless, this cruel, humiliating, and intimidating attempt by the Roman Curia (“the place that cares for”) to punish and control the American sisters is being seen for what it is, and what it is not:
It IS male patriarchal control, hurt feelings because they are not that much in control any more; and it is certainly NOT anything like Jesus or the Gospel. Patriarchal systems normally engineer their own demise by such gross misuse of power.

We all need to sincerely pray–and speak much needed Gospel to very worldly power.

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